Arizona Cabinetmaker Has High Praise for His Striebig Automatic Vertical Panel Saw

Custom CabinetsFor 33 years, central Arizona builders and homebuyers have looked to D. Porter & Company Cabinetmakers for the highest quality in custom cabinets. The company specializes in "frameless" full overlay cabinets, with hidden hinges and clean, elegant lines. Owner Cord Smith, who is the son-in-law of founder Dale Porter, takes pride in upholding the company's reputation for meeting deadlines. His success, he says, is due in part to his 20-year-old Striebig Automatic Vertical Panel Saw, which can cut up to six panels at a time.
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Vertical Panel Saw Streamlines Fabrication of Aluminum Composite Material

Logan"People don't realize what it is, but they see it everywhere," says Doug Clay. Clay is talking about aluminum composite material (ACM) - a layer of low-density polyethylene permanently sandwiched between two aluminum skins. The sleek, high-tech look that ACM panels bring to a storefront, a curtainwall, or even a whole building has been popular in Europe for decades and seems to be catching on in the U.S. While American architects tend to shy away from the Lego-like colors of some European ACM-clad structures, they specify the material enough to keep Clay busy. As general manager of the fabrication division of Karas & Karas Glass Co., Inc., he oversees bidding and fabrication for a multitude of construction projects in and around Boston. He works with glass and aluminum plate too, but reports that a steady increase in ACM jobs has made his shop a major profit center for his employer. He saw it coming. Under Clay's stewardship, Karas & Karas has become a recognized leader in ACM construction throughout New England. Among the factors contributing to the contractor's reputation for quality and efficiency is Clay's purchase of two Swissmade Striebig vertical panel saws in the late 1990s.
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The Ferrari of Vertical Panel Saws?

Striebig Optisaw 2Cabinetmaker Norm Franzle says he can't call his Striebig Optisaw 2 the Ferrari of panel saws because it was not too expensive and never breaks down. "When it comes to performance, Striebig is the best," says the California cabinetmaker. He and his employees at Franzle Custom Home Specialties in Sun Valley, California, rely on the 7.5HP vertical Optisaw for unfailing accuracy in the cutting of panels for their "frameless" European-style cabinets with hidden hinges and clean, elegant lines. It would be difficult to find a more satisfied Striebig customer. "How many times in your life have you made a major purchase and been completely happy five years later?" Franzle asks. "It doesn' t happen very often, but that is just the situation here."

It was a different story six years ago, when Franzle was still using a quirky sliding table saw he calls "a piece of junk." "There was one problem after another, which meant downtime and lots of service calls, and I ended up completely dissatisfied," Franzle recalls. "I even tried to return it, but the manufacturer wouldn't take it back." In the market for something different, he started looking at vertical panel saws. Friends at a blade-sharpening shop told him the best of them all - the "Ferrari," they called it - is made in Switzerland by Striebig.
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