Architectural Millwork

A Striebig vertical panel saw is often an integral part of a quality architectural millwork shop. It serves many purposes including veneer matching panels, passage/entry door trimming, ripping long sheets into moulder strips, and general precision panel cutting.

In custom veneer panel lay-up and matching, after identifying and marking where the panels are to be seemed, it is very quick and easy on a Striebig to visually line up the saw with the marked panel and make the cut.

Doors can easily but cut on all four sides using a Striebig, and even a slight bevel can be put on a long edge by moving the bottom of the door out along the support rollers away from the laths. The door trimming video shows how easy this can be as opposed to horsing large doors up onto a horizontal saw.

Repeat rip cutting of long sheets can be easily performed on a Striebig to make strips to feed a moulder. All Striebig models can come in standard lengths to cut 17+’, and most models can be made in even longer lengths up to 30’ and even 50’! And the upcharge for such special lengths is relatively minor as compared with other types of machines.

And of course all millwork shops have regular panels to be cut cleanly and precisely. Even if a majority of this cutting may be done on other another machine, such as a beam saw or CNC router, there are likely plenty of instances where it would be inefficient to cut smaller quantities or parts that don’t need further machining on these machines as opposed to a simple to operate, reliable Striebig panel saw.