Accessories, Grinding Wheels & Insert Sharpeners


Superabrasive Wheels

Colonial Saw maintains a comprehensive inventory of diamond and borazon CBN grinding wheels for all makes of grinding machinery.


Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive wheels Available for immediate delivery, colonial saw offers a complete selection of vitrified, resinoid and ceramic grinding wheels for saw, profile, and cutter grinders.


Abrasives for Knife Grinding

Colonial Saw offers an extensive inventory of abrasive wheels, ring wheels, and segments for knife grinders.

Type 6A2

Type 11A2


Swiss Dress

Swiss Dress Tool • Replacement Wheel
Achieve fast, precise dressing of diamond, borazon and abrasive wheels with the Swiss Dress from Colonial Saw. The unique design and replaceable abrasive wheel allow greater control and ease of use.



Water evaporates from coolants over time. Assure your coolant-to-water ratios are always correct with our 0-10 Brix w/Auto Temperature Compensation Refractometer.

The most reliable instrument to test cutting fluid, coolant, and lubricant ratios for optimum performance. Includes instructions and case.


Knife Honing Stones

A must-have for shops looking to give their customers the cleanest possible knife edge. Rounded or square, single or dual grit stones in stock.


Dial Indicators

Type A - Round Anvil
Type B - Pointed Anvil
Type C - Cylindrical Anvil

Precision gauges, for measuring clearance, close tolerance work and kerf width. Metric and inch calibrations are available for immediate delivery.


Coolant & Grinding Oils

Coolant Extend abrasive life and maximize quality of grind with coolants from Colonial Saw. Standard and premium grades available for all carbide, HSS, Tantung and Stellite grinding applications.

Hot Melt Protective Coating

Plastic 1
Clear, Odorless, No oil residue, Low Operating Temperature

Dressing Sticks

For 180 to 600 Grit
diamond wheels 1/2 x 1/2 x 6"

For 150 and coarser
diamond wheels 1 x 5/8 x 8"

For 150 to 220 grit side grinding diamond wheels 3/4 x 1/4 x 4"

Synthetic Coolants

5 Gallon Synthetic High Grade 30:1 Dilution Ratio

C5-50-5 5
Gallon Premium Soluble Oil Grade 30:1 Dil. Ratio

Straight Oil. Collant for carbide grinding (Available in 17, 30, 55 gallon drums)

Coolant Filter Paper

14" x 250 yds

27" x 250 yds

10 pcs. of 18" x 27"


Diamond Wheels • The Single Source for Superabrasive Productivity

Maintaining consistent performance in your grinding operation is key to increased productivity and quality assurance. This means not only consistent operation of your machinery, but also assurance that the abrasive wheels and fluids used in your process deliver the same level of consistent quality, longevity and reliability.

Custom and Specialized Wheel Forms

To help maximize your productivity, Colonial Saw provides custom wheels to your exact specifications. Delivery for custom designs in super Life Grade usually runs two to three weeks. Premium Imported custom tooling will take six to eight weeks for delivery.

Available in 3 grades of diamond and Borazon

  • Premium Imported Wheels

    Featuring a superior finish and extended life, Colonial Saw Imported Wheels are available for all makes of grinding machinery and every grinding application, including tool and cutter grinding, saw grinding, insert grinding, and profile grinding. The most popular wheel forms and types are available for immediate shipment from stock.

  • Colonial Super Life Grade

    There is a high-precision, super-long-life Colonial OEM Grade wheel for every tool, cutter, saw, and profile grinding application. Made in the USA, every Super Life wheel features a unique bond of the superabrasive for maximum performance in wet and dry grinds. Standard wheel types and forms in the Colonial Super Life Grade normally ship next day from stock.

  • Colonial Economy Grade

    Colonial Economy wheels deliver the greatest combination of savings and quality for shops with a moderate grinding volume or the need for a wider selection of wheel types and forms for occasional set-ups. At a fraction of the price of an OEM grinding wheel, Economy Grade wheels are available from stock in a selection of the most common sizes and forms used on grinding machinery.

  • 200mm Super Hi-Power Mag Plate
  • 400mm Super Hi-Power Mag Plate
  • 600mm Super Hi-Power Mag Plate

*Quantity to be ground depends on insert dimensions. Plate dimensions are 200, 400, or 600mm x 70 x 20mm

MVM Carbide Insert Sharpening


  • For sharpening inserts by surface grinding
  • Systems work with carbide or alloy inserts
  • For profile and straight inserts of varying dimensions
  • For mounting on knife grinders, cutter grinders, or surface grinders
  • Can be mounted onto mechanical or magnetic grinding machine tables
  • Chuck maintains perfect parallelism with the grinding machine's table
  • Multiple holders can be mounted on the same machine, increasing output and creating extremely strong magnetic surfaces

Note: Not all inserts can be safely sharpened. It is the sole responsibility of the user to contact the individual insert manufacturer to get information on whether or not the inserts can be safely sharpened and if yes, what is the minimum thickness to which the insert can be safely ground.