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STRIEBIG - The best vertical panel saws for your customers

Whether you're serving homeowners looking to fit material in their vehicles or contractors looking for professional-quality cuts and to speed up their workflow, STRIEBIG is the machine you're looking for. With a reputation for reliability, it's safer and easier for employees of all skill levels, offers superior accuracy and cut quality, and saves space on your shop floor.

Trusted by lumber yards and home improvement stores worldwide.

STRIEBIG saws are available in eight models, each with a wide range of frame sizes and features, including automatic travel, digital measuring, electronic positioning, scoring, etc. Cutting a lot of oversized panels? STRIEBIGs are available in 17'+ cut lengths, and most models can be made up to 30' in length! Dust is controlled and kept well below international standards for workplace safety.

These versatile Compact saws have cutting depths up to 2-3/8" thick. For thicker materials up to 3-1/8", choose a Standard, Standard S, Evolution, Control, or 4D. Some models can be made to cut up to 4" thick.

Our smallest Compact saw cuts up to 5 x 10-foot sheets. For oversized panels, STRIEBIG saws are available in cut lengths up to 30 feet and cross-cut heights up to 10 feet!

Striebig Advantages

Simple, safe operation - Short learning curve for employees, and the saw blade is always covered

Space saving - Striebigs take up much less floorspace than other types of saws

Accurate - Cuts perfectly square to within .004”!

Versatile - Smooth, high-quality cuts in a wide range of building materials, including OSB, CDS, melamine, composite trim, insulated foam board, etc.

Ease of use - Easy to handle large sheets safely and fatigue-free

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"We sell more sheets because we can cut full panels to more manageable dimensions. Our customers like that service. Our Striebig is used daily and does not break down, it requires only minimal maintenance."

Austin Hardwoods, Santa Ana, CA

Learn how Striebig helped a CA lumber yard improve efficiency and provide superior customer service.