Solid Surface Fabrication

STRIEBIG - Trusted by solid surface fabrication shops for their durability, efficiency, and renowned Swiss quality.

Even if you already own a CNC, Striebigs are the perfect complement for cutting long and square pieces and allowing you to keep your CNC free for parts that need additional machining.

Striebig Standard and Standard S panel saws can V-Groove in both directions (X & Y axes) by pivoting the saw head not the material.

No more "Build-Up"... It's here!

V-Groove Solid Surface Material on a Striebig.

Saw and V-Groove your solid surface material on the same machine with minimal changeover time.

  • Significant labor savings over building up and edge gluing straight drops and backs.
  • Saw and V-Groove and cove on the same machine with minimal changeover time.
  • V-Groove in both directions (X & Y axes) without rotating the material.
  • Retrofittable to existing Striebig machines of 7-1/2 HP.
  • Much more accurate and versatile than hand-held or bench mount models.
  • Much less expensive than machines that only V-Groove, plus it saws as well.
  • Reliability, durability, and support that comes standard with a Striebig.

Cutter Diameter (uses replaceable Carbide inserts): 220 mm (8-5/8")
Cutter Capacity: 1/2" SS
Grooving Capacity: Full Sheet (3' x 12')
Sawing Capacity: 14'1" Length, 5'6" Height, 3-1/8" Depth
Machine Size: 18'6" Length, 8'2" Height, 5'0" Depth

Striebig Advantages

Simple, safe operation - Short learning curve for employees, and the saw blade is always covered

Space saving - Striebigs take up much less floorspace than other types of saws

Accurate - Cuts perfectly square to within .004”!

Versatile - Smooth, high-quality cuts in a wide range of building materials, including OSB, CDS, melamine, composite trim, insulated foam board, etc.

Ease of use - Easy to handle large sheets safely and fatigue-free

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