Lamello Zeta P2 in use
Lamello Zeta P2 in use

Lamello P-System

Trusted by woodworkers worldwide.

Lamello Tenso IconThe P-System is Lamello's continually evolving innovation, lauded by woodworkers worldwide. Machined by the Zeta P2 profile biscuit joiner (or CNC router), the variety of connectors make fast permanent, or detachable connections in solid wood, plywood, MDF, particleboard, plastics, solid surface, and more. In applications where strong, precise, invisible, and fast connections need to be made, especially on-site, the P-System is the solution.


The Lamello System

The original biscuit joining system.

The modern Lamello System is the latest iteration of the original biscuit joining system invented by Lamello in 1955. Featuring our flagship biscuit joiner The Classic X, along with the original beechwood biscuits, the care and precision of manufacturing ensures connections that will put your off-brand joiner to shame.

Save time on finishing by getting it right from the time you make your slots. If you're in need of fine cutter height adjustability, the Lamello Top 21, the premium biscuit joiner from Lamello, offers a step management system that allows the user to adjust the cutter in 0.1 mm increments.

You haven't truly experienced biscuit joinery until you've used Lamello.


Lamello Cabineo

Our CNC-integrated connection system.

Lamello CabineoLamello Cabineo is a robust CNC-integrated connection system boasting superior time-savings and strength for commercial case goods, cabinets, closets, kitchen units, bookshelves, store fixtures, and more.

In comparison with the standard cam and dowel fitting, Cabineo offers more efficient production, faster installation, and a higher clamping force (200 lbs) while also allowing for mixed media connections like wood to metal joints and in phenolic resin.

With three connector varieties in the Cabineo family, choose the right one for your application and enjoy efficient and exceptionally strong connections that can be executed by any member of your team.

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