Equipment Financing

Applying for equipment financing is easy.

Many options are available, and we can help you decide between leasing and financing. The most common is a 5-year, $1 buyout lease with the first and last payment due at signing.

Why Finance Through Colonial Saw

  • Avoid large down payments - Getting a machine with very little upfront cash outlay allows you to make money with it immediately.
  • Easy - One-page application for financing up to $250,000. Approvals within 24 hours.
  • Good rates - Our rates are the lowest in the industry and can even be lower than a direct bank loan which requires significant cash down and a complicated approval process.
  • Preserved credit lines - Most financing is off-balance sheet, meaning it does not affect your existing credit line.
  • Fixed cost - Rates are fixed, protecting you from inflation and volatility.
  • 12-72 month terms.
  • Customized payment structures.

To estimate your monthly payment, multiply 0.02 times the machine price. For example, a $50,000 machine would have a monthly payment of $1,000.00.

Call us for more information: 781-585-4364