To celebrate its 60th anniversary, STRIEBIG introduced the newest model of its legendary line of vertical panel saws.

Adding to STRIEBIG's arsenal of features designed to make panel processing safe and easy, the Edition 60 features a strong integrated panel lifting device allowing for ergonomic, smooth cutting of panels by one operator. The comprehensive standard equipment and legendary STRIEBIG accuracy guarantee short processing times and safe operation.

30% faster, ONE person panel processing. Never flip or reload a panel again.

Available in the U.S. Spring 2022


Edition 60 has it under control

The legend lives on, the name is a pledge

Highlights of the Edition 60

The NEW Edition 60 panel saw is a full-size, fully-loaded Standard S machine PLUS panel lifters (lowering units) that allow for easy one-person panel processing. Though the saw travel is manual, there is little or no need to remove or reload parts of a sheet in order to cut them to finish size. You process the sheet from the bottom. Trim cut the bottom of the sheet, cut a strip, then process that strip into finish cut parts while the rest of the sheet suspended by the lifters. After that strip is finished, cut the next strip and so on...

  • Truly a one-person machine
  • No need to flip the panel
  • No need to remove partial sheets and then reload them for finish cutting
  • No concern of the top of the panel binding the saw blade
  • 30% faster than a manual STRIEBIG without lifters
STRIEBIG Edition 60

Strong and compact panel lifting device (PAV)

The integrated EDITION 60 comes standard with two panel lifters that can be used for panel materials up to 10ft × 7ft and up to 350lbs (175lbs each). With an additional lifter (optional), panels up to 16ft x 7ft and weight up to 525lbs can be processed.

Advanced Standard Features

- Wood support wall with integrated small parts support
- Panel lowering device (PAV) with two panel lowering units
- Pneumatic clamping of the motor carriage
- Pneumatic auto-locking support rollers
- Digital measuring system DMS-Y, incl. fine adjustment
- Digital measuring system DMS-X, incl. fine adjustment
- Laser-line to show placement of horizontal cut
STRIEBIG Edition 60

Clear push-button control for easy operation

The EDITION 60 is operated by means of clear push-button controls. The panel lifting device can be moved quickly and precisely. The LED lights on the panel lifting units guide the operator safely through the sawing process.
• Swiss made quality for accuracy and durability!

• 17’ 4”L, 7’-5/8”H crosscut, 6’ 10-5/8”H trim; Depth 3-1/8” (80 mm) overall; 2-3/8” (60mm) using panel lifters

• Very stable, all welded steel frame suitable for free-standing or wall-mount installation

• Heavy-duty panel support rollers with automatic locking system

 • Two panel lifters on right side of saw to suspend multiple panels up to 7’ x 10’ x 60mm (2-3/8”) thick and up to 350 lbs.; allows strips to be cut and processed from bottom of panel with no need to flip panel!  Two-handed control assures safety in use.  Third lifter available (see below).

 • Push-button pneumatic carriage clamp to lock sawhead for horizontal cut

• Laser cut line indicator for horizontal cuts

• Convenient, sturdy, center shelf with aluminum fingers, topped with reinforced plastic 

• Snap-in small parts supports included (one pair)

•  DMS-Y digital measuring system for horizontal cuts with motorized fine adjustment

•  DMS-X digital measuring system for vertical cuts with fine adjustment and five station reference; either above the center shelf (typical)or on full-length measuring channel described below

• Main measuring channel with inches/metric scales and measuring stop

• Second measuring channel for repeat dimensions with one auxiliary stop

• Vertical cutting stations 40 inches on center (1meter optional)

• High efficiency dust system has added rear collection area with full-length bottom dust collection pipe

• 7-1/2 hp, 220/440V, 3-phase motor with electric brake and insulation to 77dB

• 300mm saw blade for 3-1/8” cut depth

• Template bar with six stops for setting typical horizontal cuts

• TRK dust collection system with cable chain hose take-up keeps dust to less than half of the stringent European required minimum; note: requires connection to a collector
• Operating time counter 
•  Document holder conveniently located under control panel for cut lists, etc. 
Cut capacities: 17’ 4”L, 7’-5/8”H crosscut, 6’ 10-5/8”H trim; Depth 3-1/8” (80 mm) overall; 2-3/8” (60mm) using panel lifters
Weight (approx.): 1650 lbs. (net), 2200 lbs. (gross)
Main Saw Blade: 300 mm dia., 30 mm bore
Electrical: 3 phase, 220V or 440V
Dust collection: 1000 cfm, 140 mm connection; choice of side
Floor Space: 17’ 10”L, 8’ 3”H, 5’D (free standing) (4’ 5” wall-mounted)
• VSA scoring saw unit with infinitely adjustable split-blade

• OptiDivide self-contained optimization and label printer package including: - Aluminum housing with integrated 12” touchscreen, industrial PC and stylus
- Zebra label printer in integrated and protected pull-out drawer in the casing
- Striebig cut optimization software package with one office network license
- WLAN network connection
- Power supply and cables for 110V
- Bracket to attach to specific model
- Operating and installation manual

• Additional third panel lifter on left side of saw to accommodate 12’ and 16’ material

• Additional DMS X-axis digital measuring (for vertical cuts) w/fine adjustment

• WSG Angle Cutting Device with “unipoint” system and fine adjustment to 0.1 degree for angle cuts to 46 degrees. Wall-mount storage box included.

• Dado grooving kit with special shroud and dial-adjustable depth control

• Adjustable dado cutter with carbide inserts, 8-15mm (5/16”- 9/16”)

• Two-speed (half/full) motor (5.5 hp) with ProLock Easy-fix tool clamping system

• ProLock Easy-fix tool clamping system

• Spare scoring blade set with shims

• Spare scoring blade set- adjustable

• Scoring blade set- adjustable in PCD diamond for extra-long life