Lamello Inspirations

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Clamex fasteners used on cabinet

Face Frame Scribing with Tenso

Matt Moore Designs (Florida) “Using offsetting @lamello_usa Clamex fasteners to offset a cabinet faceframe for scribing. We shared the process of preparing this linen cabinet for installation and get a lot of attention on the process we would be using to scribe the faceframe so we figured we would walk through the process. By simply…

Marvin Windows

Window Jamb Extensions with Tenso

CB Builders (Pennsylvania) “These Marvin windows have factory applied jamb extensions all around the window. I cut out the bottom piece so that I can install a 5/4 stool that matches the existing in the house. These 5/4 stools are 4-1/4” deep and the windows are sliders so there is int really a good way…

Clamping composite deck board miters with Clamex

CB Builders (Pennsylvania) “We finished the stairs and started on the main deck and landing borders. Using Azek adhesive with three Lamello fittings for the long miters(7-1/4” wide border boards) to clamp and hold the pieces tight while the glue sets.”

Column Wraps with Tenso & Pre-Load Clips – Generation Builders (Connecticut)

Building and joining box beams with Clamex – Stene Woodwork (Montana)

Window Jamb Extensions with Tenso – CB Builders (Pennsylvania)

Face Frame Scribing with Tenso – Matt Moore Designs (Florida)

Flipper doors with Clamex – Busby Cabinets (Florida)

Stair tread returns with Clamex – Kelco Carpentry & NS Builders (Massachusetts)

Crown moulding with Tenso – Stene Woodwork (Montana)

Bypass door trim with Tenso – Casey Knips (Minnesota)

Extension jambs with Tenso – Casey Knips (Minnesota)

Waterfall joinery with Clamex – Willow Carpentry (Massachusetts)

Azek trim boards with Clamex & Tenso – CB Builders (Pennsylvania)

L-shaped pantry shelves with Tenso – Generation Builders (Connecticut)

Countertop connection with Clamex – NS Builders (Massachusetts)

Easy scribe installation with Tenso – NASHA Construction (Arizona)

Site-installed, pre-finished face frames with Tenso – NS Builders (Massachusetts)