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Flipper doors with Clamex – Busby Cabinets (Florida)

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January 12, 2022
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Busby Cabinets

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"Chris is on the road this week in northern Florida and visited with Tom, Frank, and Adam at @busby_cabinets_fl and @hafeleamerica to see how they've been using their Zeta. After a quick tune-up of their machine and discussing CNC integration, we discovered that the Flexus connector will be perfect for their removable flipper door concealment panels. Up until today, Tom had been grinding the tabs off of the standard Clamex halves so that the partitions could be installed inside a completed cabinet box. Now, he's going to use the 'regular' Clamex on the back connections and Flexus on the top and bottom of the partitions - no more tab-grinding!"