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V-Grooving & Coving on STRIEBIG

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October 23, 2020
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Colonial Saw is pleased to announce the expanded capability for V-grooving and coving solid surface material on three more STRIEBIG models: the Standard S, Evolution, and Control.

STRIEBIG originated V-grooving and coving solid surface on a vertical panel saw in the late ‘90s beginning with their “Optisaw 2” model, and now all of the 7-1/2hp models have that capability.

These newer models have the advantage of a fine adjustment thumbwheel and digital counter built right into the saw head for fast, simple, and very precise depth adjustment of the groove depth.

On these newer models, this capability needs to be ordered at the time of the machine order, and it is not able to be retrofitted to existing machines.  Compact saws are also not available for V-grooving.  Only the Standard model (and older Optisaw 2s) can be retrofitted for V-grooving and coving, but if you are considering a new machine, this is definitely a feature to consider!  

For more information on solid surface V-grooving and coving, please contact Colonial Saw at info@csaw.com or 781-585-4364.