A (Very Caffeinated) Live Grinding Event - Colonial Saw - Machinery, Sales & Service

A (Very Caffeinated) Live Grinding Event

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September 17, 2020
V-Grooving & Coving on STRIEBIG
December 15, 2020

Did you tune in to Coffee with Colonial?

Well now we're taking our show and adding a shot of espresso with a 2-day live event featuring shop tours,
live machine demos and a show special exclusive to viewers.

A (Very Caffeinated) Live Grinding Event

November 5 & 6, 2020

Thursday, November 5

Shop Visits

See inside real shops with a shop tour and onsite machine demos with the customers using our machines every day.

10AM - Live tour of Quality Saw & Tool, Mansfield, OH with owner John Mabee and CSaw's own Jeff Goltz presenting the UT.MA AL805 CNC carbide saw grinder

11AM - Live tour of Sharp Tool, the largest shop in New England located in Hudson, MA, with Vice President Mike Morette. See their ABM Robot Loading Carbide (face/top/side) Service Center in action in their busy, large volume shop

1PM - Back to Quality Saw & Tool where John and Jeff will present the UT.MA P20 CNC profile knife grinder and LC-NC automatic tool and cutter grinder

2PM - Colonial Saw VP Dave Rakauskas interviews John Kennedy of ReSharp in Bridgewater, MA for a small shop's perspective, along with a tour of his delivery van
Friday, November 6

Live from Colonial Saw

Meet the staff on the other end of the phone when you call and the expert techs that service, repair, install and rebuild machines here at Colonial Saw. We'll also demo several machines and answer your questions live.

10AM - Live demos and Q&A of our straight knife grinders including the MVM ZX, PX doing planer, chipper and insert knives, and the SBO honing machine

11AM - Live demos and Q&A of our circular knife grinders including the Rekord CK 300-TH twin head for high production on small knives and UT.MA AC520 for large knives and superfinishing

1PM - Live demos and Q&A of the ABM PNK-CNC and HSS cold saw grinders - complete blade including chamfers in one setup

2PM - Face with a name - Meet the CSaw team and learn about the Colonial Saw certified rebuilt machine program

3PM - Live demos of carbide saw grinders including ABM CNC DUO, 810 CNC and 3 station Robot Loading Service Center
All times EST