Clamex S-20

Detachable Cam-Lock Connector

  • For use in materials as thin as 8mm and is fastened in the groove with screws.
  • The 4 mm grooves may be created with any biscuit joiner.
  • No adhesive required.
  • Enables aesthetic connections at all angles.
  • Ideal for fixed or detachable connections.

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Product Details


  • Clamex S-20, a detachable connector suitable for any Lamello biscuit joiner, screwed into a 4 mm groove
  • Nearly invisible with a minimal 6 mm tool opening
  • Works in nearly all angles
  • Use in very thin materials ≥ 8 mm


  • Detachable connection of furniture, shelf units, store fixtures, etc.
  • Gluing aid for miters and angle joints ranging from 30-180°

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