Classic X

The mainstay biscuit joiner based on the tried-and-tested original from the inventor of the system.

Starting at $775.00

  • Perfect combination of speed and versatility.
  • Fully revised base plate
  • Slim yet powerful 780 W motor

Along with the fixed, self-clamping and detachable connectors and the Classic X, Lamello represents the most complete and versatile wood joining system.

Available as a cordless model


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Product Details



  • Classic X is the original biscuit joiner from the inventor and world-leader in wood biscuit joinery
  • The highly efficient, simple and accurate joining system for panels
  • Multifunctional stop square, swivelling front stop with fixed pivot point and high-precision application surfaces


  • Fixed or detachable connections with 10 different joining elements
  • Furniture and kitchen manufacturing, shop fixtures, booth construction, installers

Star 2 Year Warranty

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