Self-clamping connector

An ideal self-clamping gluing aid in the workshop or on-site, using the 4 mm system cutter, curved ridges anchor the E-20 in the work piece without glue while also clamping the work pieces together.

  • Can be installed with any Lamello biscuit joiner.
  • E20-L is used for surface connections and is ideal for picture frames, casing miters or panel extensions.
  • The E20-H is designed for edge joints, i.e. drawer boxes, and miters.


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Product Details


  • Connects and clamps with a single strike
  • The curved ridges clamp the pieces together upon insertion
  • Join without clamps or waiting time for the glue
  • Installation with any biscuit joiner


  • Surface joints, frame panelling, miters
  • Furniture and kitchen manufacturing, store fixtures, booth construction, installers

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