Tenso P-14

Self-clamping connector for gluing materials from 16 mm thickness

  • The Tenso P-14 is an invisible, self-clamping connector that offers form-locking P-System anchorage in just seconds
  • Extremely fast gluing, as the work pieces are securely pulled together
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Simplified storage and transport of the work pieces
  • Work pieces may be processed using the Zeta P2 power tool or CNC machine


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Product Details


The Tenso P-14 is a self-clamping connector with three functions: alignment, clamping and connecting. The very high level of clamping force allows work pieces to be glued without the need for screw clamps or pressure.

Based on the innovative P-System profile groove from Lamello, the connector also facilitates strong anchorage in the work piece in just seconds without the need for tools. The two-part concealed connector is an innovative method that facilitates an unprecedented level of flexibility, speed and simplicity throughout the entire design, production, transport and assembly process. Although the connector boasts excellent clamping force, this version is intended for use as a gluing aid.

The additional option of preloading the connector prior to glue applications now enables use for all angles and miters. The individual preloading of the joining elements considerably reduces the required amount of force when connecting the workpieces, which is another benefit to the user. The Tenso P-14 possesses a minimal installation depth of 14 mm and can thus be used in all wood materials from 15 mm. Zeta P2 depth setting 14.

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