Cabineo is the newest connector from Lamello, and is an outstanding solution for cabinet shops and manufacturers using nested-based CNC routers. The toolpath may be quickly machined with a standard, straight-shank router bit without a tool change. The Cabineo connectors are simply tapped into the routed pocket and join cabinet components together by screwing into a mating 5mm shelf pin hole with nearly 200 pounds of clamping force. Cabineo may be covered with aesthetic cover caps, or parts may be inverted to allow for a completely invisible application. Because there is no pin or stud required with Cabineo, all components may be shipped to the jobsite as a true flat-pack, RTA solution. The M6 version of the Cabineo connector uses a metal helical insert or may be fastened directly into a tapped hole in metal furniture or fixture components.

More Advantages
  • Installation of fixed shelves or vertical dividers in an already assembled unit
  • Detachable for transport or if the fixed shelves need adjusting
  • Shallow element of 10 mm allows for panels from 12 mm thickness
  • Corner joints with Cabineo 12 (drill hole Ø 5 × 12 mm)
  • Dividing panel joints with Cabineo 8 (drill hole Ø 5 × 8 mm) from material thickness 16mm
  • Use with or without cover caps. Cover caps are available in various colors
  • Metal insert threaded version available for exceptionally strong connections or for wood-to-metal component connections
Time-savings for the whole production process! Simple, Fast & Strong!
1. Time-saving in production
  • Optimized process due to surface machining; no edge drilling necessary
  • Only one tool change from 5 mm to 15 mm drill; or rout the profiled shape with no tool change - use a standard CNC spiral bit
  • No dowel holes means less drill holes
2. Time-saving in transportation
  • Efficient pre-installation of the one-piece connector in the factory
  • Flat-Pack delivery with pre-installed connectors
  • Connectors delivered installed in the workpiece; thus no hardware needs to be shipped separately
3. Time-saving in the assembly
  • One-piece connector without dowels; no pre-assembly of screws or dowels in the side panels necessary
  • Easy positioning in the drill hole due to the protruding screw
  • Fast assembly with a cordless drill

Cabinets, interiors, exhibitions, store fixtures, recreational vehicles

Installed and free-standing wardrobes, kitchen units, libraries, bookshelves, display units, toilet units etc.

Corner joints between bottom or top shelves and the side panel, or joints between shelves and a separating panel


Wear-resistant cabinet connector for various materials and increased strength


For Cabineo 12 and 8:

Size: 33.8 × 16.5 × 10.8 mm
Cutter: Ø 12 mm or smaller
Drill: Ø 5 mm or Ø 15 mm
Material Housing: Fiberglass reinforced plastic
Installation Tolerance: Lateral adjustment ± 0.1 mm


Strength per Connector (lbs)

Particleboard - 19 mm Cabineo - 12 mm Cabineo - 8 mm Cam - no dowel
Tensile Strength 198 110 112
Shear Strength 187 121 124
Clamping Force 198 110 -

For Cabineo M6:

Size: 12.3 / 15.3 x 9.3 x 9.3 mm
Thread: M6
Drill: Ø 8 mm
Material: Brass
Installation Tolerance: Longitudinal ± 0.1 mm


cabineo options

Strength per Connector (lbs)

HPL - 12 mm Cabineo M6 - 8
Tensile Strength 374
Shear Strength 220
Clamping Force 374

Particle board - 19 mm Cabineo M6 - 12.3 insert Cabineo M6 - 15.3 insert
Tensile Strength 165 198
Shear Strength 231 264
Clamping Force 165 198
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Cabineo Cover Caps (100 pieces)
Cabineo Cover Caps (100 pieces) - No. 186350X - $12.00 - Please specify color: Dark Grey, Brown, Window Grey, Ivory, Papyrus White, Fawn Brown, Signal White, Black or Pure White.
Cabineo Cover Caps (100 pieces)
Cabineo Cover Caps - Metallic Look (100 pieces) - No. 186350X - $17.00 - Please specify color: Silver, Dark Steel, or Nickel.
Cabineo 4mm Ball-tip Magnetic Hex Driver
Cabineo Hex Bit 1/4" 80 mm - No. 276308 - $5.50
Cabineo - 8 - White (Box of 500) for Center Panels
Cabineo - 8 - Black (Box of 500) for Center Panels
Cabineo - 12 - White (Box of 500) for Corner Connections
Cabineo - 12 - Black (Box of 500) for Corner Connections
Cabineo - 8 M6 - White (Box of 500) with M6 metric thread bolt
Cabineo - 8 M6 - Black (Box of 500) with M6 metric thread bolt
Cabineo - Insert Nut M6 x 12.3mm - 100 pack (material 14 -16mm)
Cabineo - Insert Nut M6 x 15.3mm - 100 pack (material 17 -25mm)
Cabineo Installation Tool for insert nut