Clamex P-14

Detachable Furniture Connector

  • Detachable connector with very small opening
  • Extremely fast insertion of the connectors without tools
  • Versatility for all angles and joining situations


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Product Details


The top reasons to use Clamex P-14 as a standard connector:

1. High-quality aesthetic solution: Nearly invisible, secure connections with high clamping strength
2. Saves time: Process advantages in production, transport and assembly
3. Versatile with a range of applications: One connector for all connection applications and angles. For detachable or glued connections

Clamex P-14 is a detachable, two-part connector with an internal cam lock, which is engaged with a lever. Clamex P-14 offers an exceptionally fast and powerful anchorage in the workpiece without tools. Clamex P needs neither glue nor screws, providing the woodworker with numerous advantages in the production process and in the differentiation from standard connecting hardware.

Clamex P-14 has a very small installation depth of 14 mm and may be used in a variety of materials with a minimum thickness of 16 mm (5/8″).

Use Zeta P2 depth setting of 14.

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