Clamex P-10

Detachable Connector for Materials from 12mm Thickness

  • Clamex P-10 is an addition to the P-System joining system for material as thin as 13 mm (1/2″)
  • Mitered connections in materials as thin as 15 mm (9/16″)
  • Clamex P is a detachable, high-strength joining system that connects within seconds
  • Join wood using the Zeta P2 power tool or a CNC machine
  • Clamex P-10 may also be used to clamp outside crown moulding miters with a minimum thickness of 15 mm (9/16″)


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Product Details


Clamex P-10 is a detachable, two-part connector with an internal cam lock which is engaged with a lever. Compared to Clamex P-14, Clamex P-10 has a shallower installation depth of just 10 mm and is therefore may be used in thinner material. The design of the connector is enhanced by two torsion tabs, which offer strong dimensional stability.

The form-locking P-System enables strong connections in the workpiece without the need for tools in just seconds. Clamex P does not require glue or screws, and offers numerous benefits in the manufacturing process while also distinguishing itself from standard connecting hardware.

Zeta P2 depth setting 10.

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