Superabrasive Wheels

Colonial Saw maintains a comprehensive inventory of diamond and borazon CBN grinding wheels for all makes of grinding machinery.
Abrasives for Knife Grinding

Colonial Saw offers an extensive inventory of abrasive wheels, ring wheels, and segments for knife grinders.

Type 6A2

Type 11A2
Swiss Dresss

Swiss Dress Tool • Replacement Wheel
Achieve fast, precise dressing of diamond, borazon and abrasive wheels with the Swiss Dress from Colonial Saw. The unique design and replaceable abrasive wheel allow greater control and ease of use.

Water evaporates from coolants over time. Assure your coolant to water ratios are always correct with our 0-10 Brix w/Auto Temperature Compensation Refractometer.
The most reliable instrument to test cutting fluid, coolant and lubricant ratios for optimum performance. Includes instructions and case.
Knife Honing Stones

A must have for shops looking to give their customers the cleanest possible knife edge. Rounded or square, single or dual grit stones in stock.
Dial Indicators

Type A - Round Anvil

Type B - Pointed Anvil
Type C - Cylindrical Anvil

Precision gauges, for measuring clearance, close tolerance work and kerf width. Metric and inch calibrations are available for immediate delivery.
Conventional Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive wheels Available for immediate delivery, colonial saw offers a complete selection of vitrified, resinoid and ceramic grinding wheels for saw, profile, and cutter grinders.
Coolant & Grinding Oils

Coolant Extend abrasive life and maximize quality of grind with coolants from Colonial Saw. Standard and premium grades available for all carbide, HSS, Tantung and Stellite grinding applications.
Hot Melt Protective Coating

Plastic 1
Clear, Odorless, No oil residue,
Low Operating Temperature

Dressing Sticks

DS-Standard For 180 to 600 Grit
diamond wheels 1/2 x 1/2 x 6"

For 150 and coarser
diamond wheels 1 x 5/8 x 8"

DS-Side For 150 to 220 grit side grinding diamond wheels 3/4 x 1/4 x 4"

Coolant + Filter Paper Supplies

Synthetic Coolants
Item Number Description
E-56-5 5 Gallon Synthetic High Grade 30:1 Dilution Ratio
C5-50-5 5 Gallon Premium Soluble Oil Grade 30:1 Dil. Ratio
CarboGrind Straight Oil. Collant for carbide grinding (Available in 17, 30, 55 gallon drums)