W-725 Strob Face and Side Sharpener

Sharp strob teeth are necessary for good strob saw performance. The W-725 Strob Sharpener sharpens the face and the sides of strob teeth accurately and quickly. Powered feed with flood coolant reduces labor, increases accuracy, sharpness, and wheel life. Quick and easy to set up, operate, and maintain, the W-725 has become the industry standard for precision sharpening of strob saws.

The W-725 makes sharpening of strob teeth a snap. Mounting the saw requires no centering device as the tooth face is simply aligned with the table key. Turning a single handle clamps the saw in four places giving support to both sides of the strob slot. The spindle rotation is set depending on which side is to be sharpened. Calibrated infeed knobs make exact set up easy and quick. Start the spindle and coolant then turn the auto reversing power feed on and sharpen the strob in a single pass. When done the power feed stops.

Circle Saw Size: 8" to 40"
Power Consumption: 1 Kw
Air: 2 C.F.M. @ 80 P.S.I
Voltage Standard: 230V 1PH 50/60
Shipping Weight: 800 lbs.
Crate Size: 44" x 49" x 62"