P-System Design

Designed to produce sturdy and precise connections

Professional woodworkers worldwide use the P-System to increase efficiency in everyday projects and turn to it for joinery solutions in custom projects and challenging installations.

The Zeta P2 profile biscuit joiner in tandem with a variety of connectors makes fast permanent or detachable connections in solid wood, plywood, MDF, particleboard, plastics, solid surface, and more.

Featuring fast installation, minimal cutting depth, and connections possible at virtually any angle, it's a system that is well-suited for many industries from small carpentry shops, to custom woodworking, building, and remodeling firms, millwork, and more.


"Tenso connectors allowed us to get in and out quickly by greatly reducing the amount of tools we needed on-site and limiting trips to the delivery vehicle in a less-than-ideal parking situation."

Matt Krig

Northland Woodworks

Strong & form-locking

Form-locking connections across large surface areas ensures optimum tensile strength even with weaker materials.


Fast installation

Insertion instead of screwing or gluing means no waiting for adhesive to dry.


Tool-free installation

The connectors are inserted manually into the profile groove without the need for tools.


Wear-free disassembly

The connectors may be removed from the profile groove for surface treatment without causing wear.


Lateral tolerance in the profile groove

Since the connectors are not secured with screws, they can move within the groove, allowing perfectly flush alignment of the work piece.


Lateral ridges

The ridges on the sides of the connectors ensure that they stay in the groove, even when transporting parts with pre-fitted P-System connectors.


Versatile angle joints

P-System connectors can be used for virtually any angle. The groove is always positioned at a 90-degree angle to the joint.


Minimal cutting depth

Minimal material thickness of 12 mm for work in 1/2" material or back-to-back applications.


Lamello Zeta P2

Not your ordinary profile biscuit joiner.

The Lamello Zeta P2 is Swiss-crafted for superior quality and precision and its integrated vertical mechanical drive makes it unlike any other biscuit joiner available.

As the centerpiece of the Lamello P-System, the Zeta P2 makes machining grooves for connectors fast and easy, even at varying installation depths with the use of a quick-turn dial.

And, with its arsenal of connectors, the Zeta P2 makes connections at nearly all angles, at the shop or on the job site, both easy and exact.

The Zeta P2 takes traditional biscuit joinery to the next level!


P-System Connectors

Tenso, Clamex, Divario, and Bisco.

Snap-in Biscuits

Tenso P with preload clip - Self-clamping connector as gluing aid, for all angles

Lamello Tenso is a self-clamping connector designed to be used with glue with three functions: alignment, clamping, and connecting.

The high level of clamping force allows workpieces to be glued without the need for screw clamps or pressure. It comes in two sizes, Tenso P-14 and Tenso P-10 for use in materials as thin as 9/16" thick.

Tenso P-14 Connector

Tenso P-14

Self-clamping connector with a cutting depth of 14 mm.

Tenso P-10 Connector

Tenso P-10

Self-clamping connector for gluing thin materials from a thickness of 12 mm.

Cam-Lock Biscuits

Clamex P - Detachable connector

Lamello Clamex is a self-clamping detachable connector with an internal cam lock. Clamex offers an exceptionally fast and powerful connection in the workpiece using an Allen key, needing neither glue nor screws.

Clamex P-14 Connector

Clamex P-14

Nearly invisible, detachable two-part connector with an installation depth of 14 mm and 3mm of lateral adjustability. For detachable connections and up to 200 lbs clamping force, for use with or without glue.

Clamex P-14 Flexus Connector

NEW - Clamex P-14/10 Flexus

Detachable connector offering similar advantages as the Clamex P-14, but distinguished by flexible positioning pins for significantly simplified assembly, especially in more challenging applications.

Clamex P-10 Connector

Clamex P-10

Compared to Clamex P-14, the Clamex P-10 has a shallower installation depth of just 10 mm and is therefore may be used in thinner material. The design of the connector is enhanced by two torsion tabs, which offer strong dimensional stability.

Clamex P Medius 14/10 Connector

Clamex P Medius 14/10

Clamex P Medius complements the Clamex P-14 connectors for use in shelving units where two shelves meet the dividing panel at the same height. Medius consists of two parts with different installation depths.

Slide-in Biscuits

Divario P - Self-clamping, invisible connector for slide insertion

A completely invisible sliding shelf connector, the Divario P-18 locks with 35 lbs of clamping pressure and in weak material like MDF or particleboard has 110 lbs of shear strength. Great for applications like bookshelves, wine racks, mailroom cubbies - because neither clamping aids nor adhesive are required. As a result, the connector makes it possible to assemble the components at the most cost-effective stage in the chain, whether at production, storage, transportation, or assembly.

Divario P-18 Connector

Alignment Biscuit

Bisco P Connector

Bisco P - Aligning element suitable for the P-System groove

Bisco is a 7 mm thick plastic aligning element that is used in combination with Clamex P-14 or Tenso. It is easily installed using the Zeta P2 or CNC as it fits easily into the P-system groove without changing the cutter. Use it for alignment, gluing, and increased shear strength.

P-System CNC

P-System for CNC

Our CNC-integrated connection system.

If you have literally any type of CNC router, the Lamello P-System just got even easier to use. Thousands of companies worldwide have integrated their CNC machines to cut P-System grooves. Full CNC integration is possible with 4- and 5-axis routers or the Hybrid CNC and Zeta P2 solution are readily available on any CNC router.

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