• 6 CNC axis
  • Grind all common tooth geometries in one revolution
  • Very fast with the ability to grind flats and chamfers and off-carbide time at different feed rates
  • Windows PC controller with color monitor, graphical interface and internet connection for easy updating and teamviewer remote troubleshooting
  • Free programming of custom tooth patterns with unlimited memory
  • Auto plate thickness adjustment to self center bevels
  • Alternating shear face grinding in one revolution
  • Smart electronic indexing for variable pitch and skip tooth blades
  • Oscillation grinding cycle for high material removal in manufacturing and tip replacement
  • CNC controlled clamping for strobe saws and any clamping torque sensitive application

ABM CNC650, CNC810 - CNC Controlled Automatic Face & Top Grinder

Standard Machine includes

  • Oil ready 13 gallon per minute Flood Coolant System with 25 gallon tank capacity
  • 1 Face and 1 Top Wheel Flange
  • Magnetic Saw flange clamp and Set of saw bushings
  • End of cycle Light Indicator
  • External multi tap transformer for runs on any American industrial power
  • Central lubrication of moving axes extends machine life
  • Hollow Tooth Grinding Attachment
  • Pneumatic Lineal Indexing (Allows for accurate indexing of shear face, hollow face, and split scoring blades)
  • Automatic Central Lubrication System
  • 220V single phase power option - via rotary phase converter
Blade Diameters: 100-650mm (24") or 810mm (32”)
Grinding Motor: 1 HP
Maximum Blade Thickness: 6mm (1/4”)
Tooth Pitches: 5 to 100mm
Grinding wheel Specs: 125 x 32mm (5”)
Grinding Speed: 25 teeth/min
Voltage: 200 through 480V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Shipping Weight: 985kg (2100 lbs.)