UT.MA AL1200

CNC Programmable. Top & Face Grind up to 48″ in One Set-up

Free programming with memory for virtually any combination of saw tooth geometry variations.

Product Details


  • CNC Carbide Saw Grinder for face & top sharpening in one setup with backpacked wheels
  • 5-axis CNC Controls with memory allow free programming of virtually any tooth geometry and indexing pattern
  • Store and backup and unlimited amount of programs on PC-based controller with ethernet connection for remote troubleshooting and updating
  • Vertical blade positioning with flat grind
  • Full cabin design runs oil or synthetic coolants
  • Lift-off and shear face grinding
  • Single-page programming to skip broken teeth and oscillate grind newly brazed teeth
  • Reference bar and tooth sensor for repeatable saw blade positioning
  • Automatic plate thickness compensation
  • Variable grinding wheel speed for superior finish grind quality
  • Metal working (ie. Braunschweig) geometry software & open programming (CA triple chip) software is standard
  • No surprise software upcharges
  • Compact, yet rugged design with heavy steel components ensures durability and smooth grinding results
  • Optional probing system eliminates need for operator setup

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