ABM Premium Loader

Robot Loading Saw Service Center

8 Axes with a Loading System. Grinds all common tooth types in one cycle. Ability to stack saw blades in Mixed-Order of various diameters and tooth forms.

Product Details


  • Load, probe, top and face grind in one cycle
  • 8 axis Beckhoff servo motor CNC control system
  • Ability to stack saw blades in mixed-order of various diameters and tooth forms
  • High-quality grinding of strobe saws and saws with wiper slots
  • Grinding all common tooth types (including combos and group toothing) in one cycle
  • Automatic saw blade thickness calculation
  • 3-station robot allows for up to 16 hours of unattended grinding
  • 5-station robot allows for up to 32 hours of unattended grinding (particularly useful on weekends)
  • Optimize finish grind quality with variable feed rates and wheel RPM
  • Open source windows operating system with touchscreen display
  • Oscillation, multipass and tooth repair programs all standard
  • Reneshaw touch probe system offers improvements over acoustical probes; allows machine to probe plate thickness, tooth thickness, wheel wear comp, identify proper tooth sequence, hook angle, blade diameter, etc. greatly reducing the risk of operator error
  • Integrated ethernet and internet camera for remote troubleshooting
  • Side-by-side wheel design eliminates unnecessary extra motion and allows fast changeover from facing to topping
  • Integrated central lubrication system greatly reduces maintenance time and costs


We want you to be successful with your robot loading system, so we have included a three-stage training system at no charge.

  • Stage 1: Eight (8) hours of online software training two (2) weeks before your machine arrives.
  • Stage 2: Our technician will perform twenty (20) hours of installation and initial training onsite when the machine arrives at your location.
  • Stage 3: Our technician will return for twenty (20) hours of additional onsite training after you have three (3) weeks to work with the machine and develop follow up questions

We have found this to be the most effective way to bring your operators up to speed and your machine turning your investments into profits quickly.

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