MVM FX 40 w/50 or 60hp PLC Knife & Surface Grinder

FX40/1500 For knives up to 1525mm (60”)
FX40/2100 For knives up to 2150mm (84”)
FX40/2500 For knives up to 2600mm (102”)
FX40/3100 For knives up to 3225mm (127”)
FX40/3600 For knives up to 3675mm (144”)
FX40/4100 For knives up to 4125mm (162”)
FX40/5100 For knives up to 5220mm (204”)
FX40/6100 For knives up to 6100mm (240”)
FX40/7100 For knives up to 7175mm (282”)
Longer lengths upon request

Standard Machine includes:

  • 350mm Segment holder and set of 10 vitrified grinding segments
  • Angular Divisor gear box for tilting grinding chuck +/- 90°
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Quick wheel attachment system
  • Lateral Pads with grease fittings
  • Sprayer for cleaning parts
MVM FX40 Surface Grinding & Automation Options
  • Robotic Loader
  • Automatic approach of grinding wheel with wheel wear compensation (Laser measuring system useful for any application, requires PLC magnet control)
  • Automatic approach of grinding wheel to the workpiece (Electronic sensing system useful for HSS applications)
  • Downfeed by workpiece sensing RTS-15 (used to compensate for wheel wear during surface grinding)
  • 6HP Universal Auxiliary head with auto-downfeed
  • Super Finish Head shown
  • Automatic hydraulic tilting of the Grinding Head
  • Doctor blade mechanical gang clamping device for gang grinding up to 24 blades at a time (assumes blades are 1mm thick x up to 120mm tall)
MVM FX40 Magnetic Chuck Options
  • Motorized Magnetic Chuck Rotation controlled by PLC
  • Wider rotating permanent magnetic chuck up to 350mm
  • Wider fixed permanent magnetic chuck 400mm
  • High Power 14mm pole pitch brass sealed Magnetic chuck up to 400mm wide
MVM FX40 Micro Finishing Options
  • Variable Grinding Wheel RPM (from 10 to 33 m/sec)
  • Slow carriage speed (creep feed down to .3 m/min)
MVM FX40 Other Options
  • 60HP Grinding Motor
    Massive 60HP motor option on MVM Surface Grinder in Rhode Island
  • Manual Edge reference (priced per meter)
  • Rotating Cutting Edge references
  • Grinding Wheel reversal by switch
  • Free standing Electrical Cabinet (For setting machine up close to a wall)
MVM FX40 Filtration Options
  • Automatic paper roll filtration system
  • Manual paper roll filtration system
  • Magnetic coolant cleaner with rotating discs
  • Additional water pump for high pressure jet
  • Mist Extraction System
MVM FX40 AbrasiveOptions
  • Single point diamond dressing attachment
  • Ring wheel flange for 350mm ring wheels
Maximum Knife Length: Virtually Unlimited upon request
Chuck to wheel clearance: 200mm (8”) (10” if fixed chuck)
Grinding Motor: 50, 60, or 100HP
Grinding Wheel Diameter: 250mm (10“)
Grinding Wheel Bore: 127mm
Chuck Width: 200mm (8”) (up to 16” optional)
Voltage: 220V, 3Ph, 60Hz