25HP PLC Controlled Knife Grinder

Features: 25HP Grinding Motor and all of the features of our KS Model plus cross-feed movement of the grinding head and gear divisor for tilting the chuck in micro-step. Great for Shear Knives

Product Details


Our first model with cross feed of the wheel. Great for Carbide Inlaid Knives and Metal Shear Knives.

  • 25HP Grinding Motor
  • Rack Siemens PLC controls entire grind cycle belt drive system ensures smooth travel
  • Carriage travels on lubricated Turcite pads gliding on protected replaceable wear strips ensuring minimal vibration
  • Variable carriage speed (1 to 30 m/min)
  • Permanent On/Off Magnetic Chuck with 20mm Pole Pitch
  • Rapid Wheel downfeed during setup
  • Transverse (cross-feed) movement of the grinding head by handwheel
  • External bafold coolant system with 3 lines (one running through the center of the grinding spindle)


KX1500 For knives up to 1525mm (60″)
KX2100 For knives up to 2150mm (84″)
KX2500 For knives up to 2600mm (102″)
KX3100 For knives up to 3225mm (127″)
KX3600 For knives up to 3675mm (144″)
KX4100 For knives up to 4125mm (162″)
KX5100 For knives up to 5220mm (204″)
KX6100 For knives up to 6220mm (244″)
Longer lengths upon request

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