Universal System
  • Biscuit joiners, glue applicators for biscuits, joining elements and the clamp band sets are a complete joinery system
  • Connection solutions for solid wood, panels and solid surface materials.
Quality means efficiency
  • Biscuit joiners and wood elements are manufactured with the highest levels of care and precision
  • The perfect fit is appreciated from the very start, when the biscuits are easily inserted into the groove and remain in place even when the work piece is turned over for assembly.

Universal System

System Advantages

Quality that pays off

System Advantages
Fast – lateral tolerance - Easy positioning of machine to pencil mark
- No additional stops or positioning aids necessary
- Great flexibility during assembly: pieces can be joined together at different angles
Simple – same groove on both sides
- No adjustment of cutting depth necessary, eliminating error risk
- Time savings with every joint
Precise – proven cutting principle with disc cutter
- Disc-shaped tools cannot deviate
- Always parallel, precise grooves – even with knots or rapid working
- Cutting for 9 different joining elements without tool change
- Low maintenance cost combined with long service life of the machine; only one tool to maintain
Versatile – thin and flat joining element with shallow installation depth - Thin work pieces measuring 8 or 10 mm can be joined at any angle
- Minimal material weakening of work pieces
- Non-twisting, cost-effective joining elements
For Gluing - Cost-effective original biscuits in 5 different sizes for joining wood and wood composites
- E20 self-clamping plastic elements for clamping work pieces upon insertion of fitting
- C20 translucent plastic element for joining solid surfaces
- K20 plastic clamping element for temporary bonding of work pieces until the glue on the biscuits has set
For Assembly
- Clamex S detachable connector with lever for detachable connection of wood and wood composites
For Insertion
- Simplex slide-in connector for gluing; for detachable connection of wood and wood composites