Compact Series Offered in Larger Sizes

Larger Compacts

Although we normally bring Compacts into North America in two sizes, Compacts are actually available in three lengths, 4, 5, and 6m lengths to cut 10’2”, 15’1” and 17’6”. They are also available in three cutting heights, 164, 207, and 220cm, which will cross-cut 65”, 81.5”, and 86.5”, respectively; so a total of nine frame sizes! In addition to all of the standard Compact features and available options, the taller frames include the tall panel plunge device which will automatically pull/plunge the saw head in at the top of the panel. From there the operator can pull the saw down by the dust hose (don’t worry, it’s designed to handle this) until they can reach the handles. The left side handle also extends down to assist in horizontal cutting of taller panels. These can both be seen in the video. Please call or email for pricing on these larger Compact frame sizes.