• 10 Gallon for saws up to 12” (16 x 12 x 12” 110v, 600w)
• 24 Gallon for saws up to 20” (23 x 12 x 20” 110v, 1200w)
• 49 Gallon for saws up to 30” (32 x 12 x 30” 220v, 1800w)
• 63 Gallon for saws up to 40”* (42 x 12 x 30” 220v, 2400w)

*Maximum blade diameter determined by the width of the tank (1st dimension) as the blade can be rotated to complete all sides.
Clean Your Saw Blades, Router Bits, Shapers, Hoggers, CNC Spirals in minutes!

The Ultrasonic Cleaning System provides fast, effective cleaning for all tools. It can clean the average stack of 20 cabinet shop blades in 2 minutes, and the average stack of 20 lumber mill blades in 5 minutes---all ready to be sharpened!

The Ultrasonic Cleaning System eliminates the use of wire brushing and metal scrapping, which damages the blade surface by leaving thousands of tiny scratches.

Ultrasonic Saw Blade Cleaner
Ultrasonic View Inside Tanks
Ultrasonic tank with sawblade rack in foreground - Rinse tank with router bit basket in the rear.
Ultrasonic Saw Blade Cleaner
Actual Photo. Not computer edited. We only dipped 1/2 the blade to illustrate.

Ultrasonic Saw Blade Cleaner

• Fast cleaning of all types of tools including sawblades, router bits, shapers, knives, etc
• Eliminates need for secondary wire brushing
• Heated tank adjustable from 0 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit
• 304 Stainless Steel construction for long life
• Ultrasonic Transducers direct bonded to Polished interior walls for most efficient cleaning
• Twin Power Generator Sweeps 40khz frequency +\- 1Khz for even distribution of cleaning force
• Inlet and Outlet plumbing for easy cleaning and refill
• Small Footprint allows access in the tightest shops
• Detached Generator Unit can be mounted up to 15ft away from mist and dirt
• Made in America
Optional Accessories
  • Heated Rinsing Tank (49 gallon 32x12x30) SON-RT-321230H2
    (Use of tank with rust inhibitor allows instant rinse and drying)
  • Timer with Digital readout SON-SG-18042-T
    (Allows user to set the total time for ultrasonic cleaning action)
  • Power Control with Degassing
    (Allows user to control the cleaning power between 35 watts and the units Maximum Watts and turns off generator periodically to help allow dissolved gasses to escape faster)
  • Tank Cover (reduces solution evaporation rate)
  • Router Bit & Other Small Tool Basket SON-RBB-128 (Stainless Steel, 12” x 8”)
  • Saw Blade Rack to hold up to 22 blades SON-SBR
Blade Diameters: Up to 40”
Ultrasonic Power: Up to 2400w (4800 peak)
Voltage: 110 or 220V, 1Ph, 60Hz
Weight:150lbs for 49 gal version