uniMAX SR800 Automatic Steel Reliever

Standard Machine includes

  • Flood coolant system
  • High Intensity Machine Lamp
  • Tooth Counter for end of cycle notification
  • Set of saw bushings for 5/8 shaft
NOTE : Shops who regularly steel relieve their blades average 30% longer wheel life . But steel relief is not all about extending wheel life. Maintaining the correct drop behind the carbide tooth and the shoulders shape and integrity improves critical cutting operations. An accurate shoulder/gullet ensures proper airflow, temperature, and saw dust removal helping keep the cut cooler and extending blade life as well. In addition automatic steel relieving (vs. manual) will ensure the blade stays balanced.
UniMAX SR800 Optional Accessories
  • Saw Bushings (specify size)
Blade Diameters: 100– 800 mm (4 - 32”)
Total Power Consumption: 2.75 Kw
Maximum Blade Thickness: 5mm (.2”)
Tooth Pitches: 7 to 100mm
Grinding Wheel Specs: 150 x 20mm (6”)
Grinding Speed: Up to 25 teeth/min
Voltage Std.: 220/440V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Shipping Weight: 700 kg (1,550 lbs)