CNC-DUO is a CNC side grinder at an affordable price. Its an ideal machine for mid size shops who want to manufacture custom blades or do complete retips. The CNC controls allow the machine to Oscillate (Multipass) grind which ensures accuracy as well as enabling more advanced geometries like offsetting side clearance to be performed.

Tangential and radial angles are simply entered into the machines controller and the Axis will automatically set them enabling much faster setups and changeovers from traditional to conical grinding. While the full cabin design allows the use of oil coolant and keeps to the cleaner standards of today’s modern shop environments.

ABM CNC-DUO 7-Axis Full Control CNC Double Side Grinder

Standard Machine includes

• Windows PC graphical interface for short learning curve
• Network & USB ports for unlimited program memory and remote troubleshooting
• Oscillation Grind, Multipass, Group toothing, single tooth, trapezoidal grind
• Step in, step out, & dead passes for fine finish and tight tolerances
• Full Cabin improves shop environment and safety
• Two 1 HP Grinding motors with air cooled positive pressure spindles
• (X1, X2) Heads Electronically adjustable independently from the Control panel via servo motor
• Quick setup of blade thickness, tangential and +or- Radial clearance angles
• Truck and Rail slide system for straight grind action
• Automatically Sets the tangential clearance operator inputs (Z axis)
• Offsetting Left/Right side clearance software (common in metal blades) is standard.
Standard Machine includes

• 20 Gallon Flood Coolant system with level indicator
• Set of saw bushings for 12mm post
• High intensity machine lamp
• End of cycle Light Indicator
• External multi tap transformer for voltage stabilization
• Stepper controlled index (A axis) with pneumatic step off to prevent tooth chipping on drag back

Options Include

• CNC-DUO 810 for maximum 32" blades
• Oil filtration system
• Air filtration system
• Side gauge
Standard Machine includes

Blade Diameters       4 – 24, 32, or 47 inch
Hook Angle       -10 to +30 degrees
Tooth Pitch       3/8 to 4”
Plate Thickness       Up to 5mm
Tooth Thickness       Up to 1 ¼ “
Radial clearance angles       -5 to +5 degrees
Tangential clearance angles       0 to 3 degrees
Grinding wheel specs       4” 100 x 20mm
Voltage       220v, 3Ph, 60Hz
Weight       985 kg (2,100 lbs)