CNC Automatic Dual Side

CNC programmable double-side grinder with 3-axis CNC controlled grinding, AC servo motors, interpolation for straight and form or profile grinding, automatic electronic indexing system, hydraulic saw blade clamping & saw carrier locking, plus menu-driven programming with memory for fast setup.

Product Details


  • 5-axis CNC controlled grinding with AC servo motors
  • 3-axis interpolation for straight and form or curved tooth side grinding
  • Oscillation and multipass grinding
  • Automatic Electronic Indexing system
  • New style touchscreen
  • Menu-driven programming with memory for fast setup

Standard Program Capability:

  • No lift-off, straight up/down
  • Lift-off, move away at bottom of tip
  • Reverse lift-off, infeed at bottom of tip
  • Multi-pass with micro infeed (thin kerf)
  • Conical grind (scoring saws)
  • Radius & Polygon grind (barrel grind)
  • Top/bottom chamfer grind
  • Alternated side grind (ex. Alternating flush to plate)
  • Cutters (ex. groovers, shapers)

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