• 5-axis CNC controlled grinding with AC servo motors
  • 3-axis interpolation for straight and form or curved tooth side grinding
  • Oscillation and multipass grinding
  • Automatic Electronic Indexing system
  • New style touch screen
  • Menu driven programming with memory for fast set up

Standard Program Capability:

  • No lift-off, straight up/down
  • Lift-off, move away at bottom of tip
  • Reverse lift-off, infeed at bottom of tip
  • Multi-pass with micro infeed (thin kerf)
  • Conical grind (scoring saws)
  • Radius & Polygon grind (barrel grind)
  • Top/bottom chamfer grind
  • Alternated side grind (ex. Alternating flush to plate)
  • Cutters (ex. groovers, shapers)


UTMA AF801 CNC Automatic Dual Side Grinder

Standard Machine includes

  • Heavy flood coolant system with metal screen
  • Electronic handwheel for microadjustments
  • 2 grinding wheel flanges
  • 2 hi-precision, low taper cup/cone clamping system for bores from 5/8 to 3-1/4” (19-85mm)
  • Small saw blade attachment for blades down to 95mm
AF801 Optional Accessories
  • Cartridge coolant filtration system
  • Mist extraction system
  • Large pitch index assembly to max 180mm/7"
Blade Diameters: 95-800mm (4 – 32”) (48” Option)
Maximum Plate Thickness:20mm (3/4”)
Hook Angles: -15 to +30 degrees
Radial Clearance Angles: Virtually unlimited +/- degrees
Tangential Clearance Angles: 0 to +6 degrees
Tooth Spacing: 6 to 130mm (5.1”) optional to 7”
Grinding Motors: 4 HP total
Grinding Wheel Specs: 100 (4”) x 20mm (3 & 5” option)