Grinds a CNC up shear/down shear bit in a single set up.Great for regrinding cutters, round tools and router bits.

  • Automatic Central Lubrication system for X, Y & Z axis
  • Automatic radial or axial infeed
  • Standard ISO PC based controller allows unlimited number of standard programs, as well as, allowing for free custom programming of ISO code

UTMA LC35 E CNC Automatic Tool & Cutter Grinder

Standard Machine includes:

  • Full Cabin Enclosure
  • Work head with MT4 taper (ISO 50 optional)
  • Electronic handwheel for fine adjustment of all NC axes
  • Internal transformer for voltage stablization
  • Hi-intensity, low voltage machine lamp
  • 1 wheel flange 20 x 60mm
LC35 E CNC Optional Accessories
  • Profiling Software package (PXCADW & PXCNC)
  • Helical probe for teach-in of tool Helix *Includes holder, ruby ballpointer & bellow
  • Extended Table and Fixed Tailstock for support of large tools
  • Upgrade to 5.5HP Dual Spindle Grinding Motor
  • Upgrade to ISO 50 Workhead with larger gear box
  • Motorized Workhead with constant rotation for Cylindrical Grinding and Round tool blank prep
Coolant System Options
  • Automatic Paper roll filtration system for Oil** To 35 micron, 13 GPM for oil, 88 Gallon Tank
  • Magnetic Separator for HSS - Can be used with standard system or auto paper roll system
  • Cartridge Filtration System** -To 5 micron, 15 GPM, includes 2 cartridges
  • Fixed Installation Kit for CFS for hassle free integration of CFS with machine
  • Oil Chiller unit for Transor (4.5 KW)
Mist Extraction System
  • Required for full cabin machines, but may be supplied by customer
  • Mist extraction system for use with Synthetic coolants
  • Mist extraction system for use with Oil coolants** - Double Centrifuge Collector with air filter
**Indicates recommended configuration for grinding carbide with Oil Coolants
NOTE: Also available 2, 3 and 4 axis tool grinders, call 1-888-777-2729 to inquire.
Maximum Tool Length: Up to 350mm (14”)
Maximum Tool Diameter: Up to 300mm (12”)
Grinding Motor: 3 HP (8HP Option)
Grinding Wheel Diameter: 50 to 150mm (2 to 7”)
Grinding Wheel Bore: 20mm
Voltage: 230 or 460V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Shipping Weight: 1500kg (3,300 lbs)