Legendary Swiss Quality and Accuracy

STRIEBIG Vertical Panel Saws have long been the benchmark by which all other vertical panel saws are measured. Manufactured in Switzerland by some of the best engineers and machinery builders in the world, STRIEBIGs are legendary for accuracy and dependability. Unlike other manufacturers who try to be all things to all people, STRIEBIG only produces vertical panel saws.

Whether your business demands a small 5.25 hp Compact or a fully equipped 7.5 hp 4D, STRIEBIGs can fit the need with stack cutting capability, and a variety of options including angle cutting, digital measuring, and grooving to tailor the machine to suit any application.

Accuracy, simplicity, dependability and quality make STRIEBIG saws one of best investments you can make in your shop!


A continually covered saw blade is traveling through a stationary panel. There are no fingers moving past a blade sticking up through a table!

Space Saving

Especially working floor space. 70 sq. ft. is all that's required to cut up to 5' x 10' panels (or 95 sq. ft. for 6' x 14'), as opposed to 200 sq. ft. min. for a table saw or slider just to cut 4' x 8' sheets! Remember you need 8' in front of the blade, 8' behind the blade, 8' to the left, and 4' to the right. How much is your leased floor space worth each month? The vertical panel saw needs approximately half the space of a horizontal cutting center for handling the same panel size.
  • Byron Kuhl
    “We've had our Striebig almost 35 years, durable and accurate after all these years. We love it.”
    Byron Kuhl
    Carmichael Doors, Rancho Cordova, CA
  • "Vertical panel saws are easy to load because you are not lifting a whole panel horizontally and placing it on a table as you would for a sliding saw."
    Matt Gaudette - Read More
    Metropolitan Cabinet & Countertops
  • "The STRIEBIG saw has become a selling tool as well as a production aid. People are extremely impressed when they see it run.  It will do 12-foot lengths dead accurate."
    Jack Hussey - Read More
    Jack's Custom Woodworking
  • With the purchase of the automatic STRIEBIG saw, we're not just saving money because the saw is quick, we're also saving man-hours because we can multitask while the automatic STRIEBIG Control is operating.
    Shad Hall - Read More
    Shad's Custom Countertops
  • "I have the ability to expand to facilitate a large job without being a large shop," says owner John Vargo of Professional Millwork Inc. who relies on his STRIEBIG vertical panel saw.
    John Vargo
    Professional Millwork, Inc.
  • Most cutting is done on a Striebig vertical panel saw. Matt Malley says, "The saw is very accurate and easy to use."
    Matthew Malley
    H & B Woodworking Co.