Equipment requirements

What kind of joints are to be made: surface, corner, center panel, angled?
Refer to the table below for initial details of the requirements
Contact the manufacturer of the machine and procure the macro and CNC software
Possibly procure an angle aggregate if necessary
Contact Lamello USA to procure CNC cutters, CNC cutter arbor or CNC drill bit

Tool equipment

(May vary depending on machine and aggregate)
P-System CNC Technical Requirements

Call your CNC integration experts at Colonial Saw for further information.
• Download PDF on "CNC Tools."

green Possible
yellow Only possible with Zeta P2 and positioning pins. Tip: Instead of using an angle aggregate, the Zeta P2 power tool can be used to cut the P-System groove in the centre of the surface. To do so, drill two 5 mm positioning holes spaced at 101 mm in the work piece surface using the CNC machine. These are required to align the Zeta P2 on the work piece.
orange Possible with shaft tool
Not possible

Angle aggregate
– One to four spindle angle aggregates

– Corner notching aggregate

– Aggregate for door locks

Manually adjustable swivelling aggregates
Note: Several tool changes required for angle cuts, drilling and P-System grooves
Note: The cutting depth in the center of the surface may be restricted depending on the model
Tip: For miters, save yourself a tool change and drill the hole using a manual drill jig.

Automatically adjustable swivelling aggregates
Note: Automatically adjustable swivelling aggregate with automatic tool changer. The profile groove is restricted to 10 mm in the center of the surface.

(Flex 5+C, from manufacturing year 2015)