Glue applicators for biscuit grooves

Minicol glue applicators for biscuit grooves. The glue is applied to the sides of the groove, ensuring better distribution and forming a stronger connection. The glue applicators are efficiently positioned with the nozzle facing downwards to allow for immediate glue application.

Minicol Benefits
  • Glue emerges from the side of the nozzle and is applied to sides of the groove to ensure better adhesion
  • Glue applicators positioned with nozzle facing downwards to allow for immediate glue application
  • Base prevents glue from drying out
  • With plastic or metal nozzle
  • With stable solid wood base
  • Capacity: 300 ml
  • Efficient glue application in biscuit grooves
  • Furniture and kitchen manufacturing, store fixtures, booth construction, installers

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    Minicol - No. 175550 - $65.00