With our dealers making Lamello products available across the country, we're here to show you how our innovative joinery systems can improve the way you build and install projects while saving you valuable time and resources.

Lamello is synonymous with the highest quality and precision in the world. From the original biscuit joiner to the ever-evolving P-System and Cabineo cabinet connectors, Lamello offers highly functional joinery solutions.

Lamello U.S.A. is the official educational resource for customers at all levels of familiarity with our products offering:

We also sell Lamello machines, connectors, and replacement parts, and our expert techs service and repair machines at our headquarters.

Josh Vincente Innovative Integration

"It saves so much time which is huge. This isn't an inexpensive tool but I guarantee you it will pay for itself if you use it. When I first saw it I thought "what in the wizardry is this?" Whoever thought to have the blade dither like that is up there with the guy who invented zip ties."

Josh Vincente

Innovative Integration
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Lamello U.S.A. is a Division of Colonial Saw Company

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