For sharpening and manufacturing of circular saws with Straight, Curved, or Chamfered teeth. Slot and Scallop Grinding.

  • Quick adjustment for Chamfering of circular saw blade
  • Simple menu driven programming with memory of complete program
  • Indication of cycle time remaining

Rekord 500CNC CBN Wheels

Standard Machine includes

  • Sharpening and Manufacturing in multiple passes (useful in grinding thick plate saws)
  • Mist extraction unit with filter
  • Electronic hand wheel for fine positioning of grinding slide
  • Set of bushings for 16mm shaft, (20,22,27,32,40,50mm, 1”)
  • Set of saw blade clamping flanges (175 & 250mm)
500CNC Software Options:
  • Sharpening or manufacturing of variable tooth pitch
  • Sharpening or manufacturing of matched diameters
  • Sharpening of replaced segments in segmental saws
  • Software for friction tooth form (Trennjager)
  • Software for Solid Carbide Blades (flexible tooth form allows tooth depth modification and flat back clearance)
  • Software to modify the curved tooth standard geometry with storage of up to 4 special tooth forms
  • Software to grind slots in rubber slitting blades
  • Automatic Cylindrical Grind Program for grinding down the teeth of a used saw blade to create a blank plate.
500CNC Other Options
  • Clamping fixture for circular saws from 50 to 150mm dia, with 13mm shaft, supplied with set of bushings (16,22,27mm, 1”)
  • Additional capacity for saws up to 630mm (25”)
  • Automatic end of cycle indicator lamp
  • Ampermeter to indicate load on the wheel motor
500CNC Coolant and Mist Options
  • High pressure Automatic paper roll coolant filtration system with double centrifuge mist extractor (To 35 Micron, 50 liter/min, 180 liter tank)
  • High pressure filter system with magnetic separator and mist extractor (50 L/min, 250 liter tank
  • Magnetic Separator for HSS as an add on to the paper roll system
500CNC Oil Coolant Package
  • Larger automatic Paper roll filtration system for Oil To 35 micron, 13 GPM for oil, 86 Gallon Tank
  • Cartridge Filtration System To 5 micron, 15 GPM, includes 2 cartridges & installation kit
  • Clip-on HEPA after filter for smoke elimination
  • Custom designed Kidde Automatic Fire Suppression System. System uses sensor to automatically dispense CO2 in case of fire or extensive heat. System equipped with full control panel, battery backup, and emergency shutoffs. Carbon Dioxide is a clean, dry, non-corrosive, inert gas, which does not damage machine parts.
Tool Holding
  • 5/8” Saw blade grinding shaft (no charge swap for 16mm if ordered with machine)
  • Set of bushing for 5/8” shaft (20, 22, 27, 52, 40 50mm, 1”)
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 40mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 50mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 65mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 80mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 110mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 120mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 140mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 175mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 200mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 225mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 275mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 325mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 350mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 375mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 400mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 425mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 450mm
  • Saw blade clamping flanges Ø 475mm
Blade Diameters: 150-500mm (50 - 630mm option)
Grinding Motor: 3 HP
Maximum Blade Thickness: 6mm
Grinding Wheel Dimensions: 150mm x 32mm
Indexing speed: 2-60 teeth/min
Voltage: 220V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Shipping Weight: 850 kg (1,870 lbs)

Freight: F.O.B. Kingston, MA.

Warranty: 1-Year Full Parts, Labor, and Expenses

Training: Available at no charge in Kingston, MA or Ontario, CA depending upon machine location at time of sale. Also available at customer’s plant.