Manufacture blade from blank in one pass. Strong and easy to operate. 

For sharpening and manufacturing of circular saws with straight, curved or chamfered teeth. Slot and scallop grinding. 

  • Quick adjustment for Chamfering of circular saw blade
  • Simple menu driven programming with memory of complete program
  • Indication of cycle time remaining

Rekord 500CNC CBN Wheels

Standard Machine includes

  • Multiple pass software (useful in grinding thick plate saws)
  • Electronic hand wheel for fine positioning of grinding slide
  • Set of bushings for 16mm shaft
  • Set of saw blade clamping flanges (175 & 250mm)
500CNC Software Options:
  • Sharpening or manufacturing of variable tooth pitch
  • Sharpening or manufacturing of matched diameters
  • Sharpening of replaced segments in segmental saws
  • Software for friction tooth form (Trennjager)
  • Software for Solid Carbide Blades (flexible tooth form allows tooth depth modification and flat back clearance)
  • Software to modify the curved tooth standard geometry with storage of up to 4 special tooth forms
  • Software for slot plunge grinding
  • Software for flat guller blades (hog splitters and food blades)
  • Automatic Cylindrical Grind Program for grinding down the teeth of a used saw blade to create a blank plate.
500CNC Other Options
  • Clamping fixture for small saws from 50 to 150mm dia
  • Additional capacity for saws up to 630mm (25”)
  • Automatic end of cycle indicator lamp
  • Amp meter to indicate load on the wheel motor
500CNC Coolant and Mist Options
  • High pressure Automatic paper roll coolant filtration system with double centrifuge mist extractor
  • High pressure filter system with magnetic separator and mist extractor
  • Magnetic Separator for HSS as an add on to the paper roll system
500CNC Oil Coolant Package
  • Larger automatic Paper roll filtration system for Oil To 35 micron, 13 GPM for oil, 86 Gallon Tank
  • Cartridge Filtration System To 5 micron, 15 GPM, includes 2 cartridges & installation kit
  • Clip-on HEPA after filter for smoke elimination
  • Custom designed Kidde Automatic Fire Suppression System
Tool Holding
  • 5/8” Saw blade grinding shaft (no charge swap for 16mm if ordered with machine)
  • Set of bushing for 5/8” shaft (20, 22, 27, 52, 40 50mm, 1”)
  • Saw blade clamping flanges from 40mm to 475mm
Blade Diameters: 150-500mm (50 - 630mm option)
Grinding Motor: 3 HP
Maximum Blade Thickness: 6mm
Grinding Wheel Dimensions: 150mm x 32mm
Indexing speed: 2-60 teeth/min
Voltage: 220V, 3Ph, 60Hz (480V option)