Pre-owned Grinding Machines

Certified. Reviewed. Guaranteed.

  • • Certified by Colonial Saw means the machines are cleaned, tested, and guaranteed to perform all their functions.

  • • Colonial Saw technicians change any obviously worn parts, bearings, belts, etc. so you are assured the machine is mechanically running well.

  • • We patch paint any corroded parts or exposed areas, but we don't do a complete rebuild/repaint so and you get the machine at a better price.

  • • We sell it with a 30 day warranty and return policy.

  • • Delivery is typically 3 weeks.

  • • Training is available for no charge at the Colonial Saw facility or on site for a fee

Certified Preowned

Rebuilt Top & Face Grinders

UniMAX 750 (2008)

Great entry-level automatic carbide saw grinder. Can face or top grind. ATBs and flats in one pass. Combos and triple chips in 2 or 3 passes.

*Photo not the actual machine - the last one we rebuilt for reference.
Certified Preowned

Rebuilt Tool & Cutter Grinders


Tool + Cutter Grinder with air bearing for spiral tool grinding.

Certified Preowned

Reconditioned Profile Grinders

Sold "as is"

Miscellaneous Support Equipment