Pre-owned Grinding Machines

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Certified. Reviewed. Guaranteed.

  • • Certified by Colonial Saw means the machines are cleaned, tested, and guaranteed to perform all their functions.

  • • Colonial Saw technicians change any obviously worn parts, bearings, belts, etc. so you are assured the machine is mechanically running well.

  • • We patch paint any corroded parts or exposed areas, but we don't do a complete rebuild/repaint so and you get the machine at a better price.

  • • We sell it with a 30 day warranty and return policy.

  • • Delivery is typically 3 weeks.

  • • Training is available for no charge at the Colonial Saw facility or on site for a fee

Certified Preowned

Rebuilt Tool & Cutter Grinders

Schneeberger Norma-NC (1994)

Swiss Precision Automatic Tool & Cutter Grinder for tools up to 10" diameter and 7" length. Great for cutters, groovers, and router bits. Variable speed with multi-pass grind.

Certified Preowned

Reconditioned Cold Saw Grinders

Rekord Control (2012)

Feed Pawl Style Automatic HSS grinder for cold saws from 2 to 16" A,B, +C form. Quick adjustment for chamfer grinding. Dry operation.

Certified Preowned

Reconditioned Profile Grinders

UTMA P20 (1996)

High-end manual Profile grinder with 3hp motor. Great for HSS moulder knives or carbide shaper cutters up to 12" diameter x 10" length.


Reconditioned Carbide Saw Grinders

UTMA AP800 (2002)

Proven, fast, High quality dedicated face grinder with lift off for use with dual grit wheels, strong hydraulic clamp, Smart finger indexing for skip tooth combo blades. Great for shops looking to quickly add saw grinding capacity up to 32” with minimal investment.
Sold "as is"

Miscellaneous Support Equipment


Tool + Cutter Grinder with air bearing for spiral tool grinding.