• Automatic plate and kerf thickness calculation by means of a measuring probe.
  • Open source windows operating system
  • Integrated Ethernet and Internet camera for remote troubleshooting

ABM Premium Loader - Robot Loading Saw Service Center

We want you to be successful with your robot loading system and so we have included a three stage training system at no charge.

Stage 1: Eight (8) hours of on-line software training two (2) weeks before machine arrives.

Stage 2: Our technician will perform twenty (20) hours of installation and initial training onsite when the machine arrives at your location.

Stage 3: Our technician will return for twenty (20) hours of additional onsite training after you have three (3) weeks to work with the machine and develop follow up questions.

We have found this to be the most effective way to bring your operators up to speed and your machine turning your investments into profits quickly.
  • 9th D Axis for Automatic Shear Face Grinding
  • Hollow Tooth Air Cooled Grinding Unit
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Cartridge or Edge Filtration Systems for Oil Coolant
Blade Diameters: 150 -610mm (6-24")
Loading Capacity: 50 saw blades (3 stations)
Hook Angle: 0 degrees to + 45 degrees
Tooth Pitch: 5 to 102 mm (up to 4")
Grinding Wheel Specs: 160mm x 32mm
Air: 90 psi
Voltage: 220/480v, 3Ph, 60Hz
Shipping Weight: 3600 Kg / 7900 lbs