UTMA AC400-AC520-AC800 CNC. Dual purpose CNC Slitter Grinder. Ideal for shops looking to offer Super Finish periphery grind common on tissue+paper knives

  • Variable Grinding wheel speed from 0 to 4500 RPM
  • Central Lubrication System
  • 2 Axis CNC stepper motors with Ballscrew drive and Monorail slides for increased accuracy & durability

UTMA AC400-800 CNC Circular Knife Grinder with Periphery Grind

AC400 (for knives up to 15")
AC520 (for knives up to 20")
AC800 (for knives up to 31")

Standard Machine includes

  • 24 Gallon Paper filter coolant system for use in Oil or water based coolants
  • Full cabin enclosure with machine lamp for safe & clean operation

UTMA AC400-800 Optional Accessories
  • Electronic Handwheel for quick setup of both CNC Axis.
  • Pivoting Table extension with Tailstock
  • Automatic end of cycle indication with light
Coolant and Mist Extraction Systems
Standard Coolant System Specs To 35 micron, 5 GPM, 24 Gallon Tank
  • Automatic Paper roll filtration system To 35 micron, 13 GPM, 45 Gallon Tank
  • Magnetic Separator for HSS - Can be used with standard system or auto paper roll system
  • Double Centrifuge Mist extraction system for Oil coolants Required for full cabin machines, but may be supplied by customer

Tool Holding Machine uses an MT4 taper rotating head so an MT4 Arbor is required to mount knives on.
Because Circular knives vary significantly as to diameter, bore, bevel angle, and general configuration, Knife holding flanges are quoted at request. Generally Clamping Flanges run from $200 to $800.
Customers who are currently grinding circular knives on another machine, commonly find that they can use the clamping devices they already own.
Knife Diameters: 1 to 15, 20, or 31"
Maximum Stroke: Up to 150mm (6") (8" on AC800)
Grinding Motor: 3 HP (2.2Kw)
Grinding Wheel Diameter: 150mm (6”)
Grinding Wheel Bore: 20mm
Voltage: 230/400V, 3Ph, 60Hz
Shipping Weight: 1210 lbs. (3,300 on AC800)