Divario P-18
With the Divario, shelves or separation walls can be inserted into pre-assembled structures. Additionally, the Divario P-18 also clamps the components during insertion, creating clean tight joints. The clamping action only occurs at certain points rather than across the entire insertion length, making the components easier to insert. Due to the strong connection between the work pieces, the joint is able to carry high tensile forces. With this new connector, the user has greater flexibility in design without having to sacrifice stability.

Neither clamping aids nor adhesive are required to insert the components. As a result, the connector makes it possible to assemble the components at the most cost-effective stage in the chain, whether at production, storage, transportation or assembly. The connector can be fully or only partially fitted on site. Moreover, the fitting is detachable for transportation.

The P-System groove for the fitting can either be created using CNC technology or very simply by hand using the Zeta P2 power tool from Lamello.
Benefits of The Divario P-18

  • Completely invisible joint for highest quality standards
  • Joins and clamps during insertion for perfectly closed joints
  • Efficient machining and installation with a CNC or a Zeta based on the P-System
  • Narrow element for the use in shelves with a minimum thickness of 19 mm
  • No resistance while inserting until shortly before building the clamping force
  • Insertion of shelves after transport for lower transport weight
  • Connectors insert by hand or install by hammer or mallet
  • Drilling into the surface possible with a CNC machine without angle aggregates (e.g. nesting machines)
  • Machining is possible in the factory or on site with a CNC or a Zeta P2
  • High tensile strength
  • No clamps necessary
  • Transport the empty cabinet to save weight
  • Assembly of the complete piece on site possible (flat pack)
  • Insertion of the shelves without glue or clamping aids
  • Detachable for transport
  • Furniture
  • Interior design
  • Shop fitting
  • Exhibitions
  • Book shelves
  • Open room dividers
  • Wine shelves, etc.
Size: 72 × 25 × 9.7 mm
Cutter: Ø 100.4 x 7 x 22
Shell Material: Fiberglass reinforced plastic
Installation tolerance: Longitudinal ± 1 mm
Tensile strength: ~ 600 N ≈ 60 kg

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Divario P18
Divario P-18 in carton
(80 pair; requires Lamello Zeta or CNC machine and Insertion Tool)

- No. 145550 - $105.00
Divario P-18
Divario P-18 in carton
(300 pair; requires Lamello Zeta or CNC machine And Insertion Tool)

- No. 145560 - $360.00

Divario P-18 Insertion Tool
Divario P-18 Installation Tool
(Required for fixing the Divario in the workpiece)

- No. 125500 - $105.00
Divario P-18 Drill Jig

Divario P-18 Marking Jig
(Including drill with centering point and rotating depth collar for the precise drilling of Divario 8mm holes by hand)

- No. 125510 - $160.00

Divario Starterset
Divario Starterset
Starterset with 80 pairs incl. installation tool

- No. 145550S - $170.00
Divario Systainer

Divario Starter Kit Systainer

- No. 145551 - $415.00

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