• CNC Carbide Saw Grinder for face & top sharpening in one setup with backpacked wheels

  • 5-axis CNC Controls with memory allow free programming of virtually any tooth geometry and indexing pattern

  • Store and backup and unlimited amount of programs on PC-based controller with ethernet connection for remote trouble shooting and updating

  • Vertical blade positioning with flat grind

  • Full cabin design runs oil or synthetic coolants

  • Lift-off and shear face grinding

  • Single-page programming to skip broken teeth and oscillate grind newly brazed teeth

  • Reference bar and tooth sensor for repeatable saw blade positioning

  • Automatic plate thickness compensation

  • Variable grinding wheel speed for superior finish grind quality

  • Metal working (ie. Braunschweig) geometry software & open programming (CA triple chip) software is standard

  • No surprise software upcharges

  • Compact, yet rugged design with heavy steel components ensures durability and smooth grinding results

  • Optional probing system eliminates need for operator setup
  • UTMA AL805 CNC Top & Face Grinder

    Standard Machine includes

    • Wheel flange
    • Heavy Flood coolant system with external level indicator
    • Internal sprayer for cleaning the machine
    • 2 high-precision, low taper cup & cone mounting fixtures for bores from 5/8” to 3 1/2” Hi- intensity, low voltage machine lamp
    • Multi tap transformer for voltage stabilization
    • Small Saw Attachment
    Acoustic tooth position probe and related software

  • Eliminates need for operator touch off on both face & top.
  • Senses tooth length & position in facing.
  • Probes multiple teeth in topping to assure cycle begins on correct tooth
  • Automatically sets the flat wide on triple chips

  • Optional Coolant Systems

  • Cartridge Filtration System to 5 micron, 15 GPM, includes 2 cartridges & installation kit

  • Mist Extraction Systems - Required for full cabin machines, but may be supplied by customer.

    • Mist extraction system for use with Synthetic coolants
    • Mist extraction system for use with Oil coolants, Double Centrifuge Collector with air filter
    Automatic CO2 Fire Suppression System

    • Custom designed Kidde fire suppression unit for oil coolants. System uses sensor to automatically dispense CO2 in case of fire or extensive heat. System equipped with full control panel, battery backup, and emergency shutoffs. Carbon Dioxide is a clean, dry, non-corrosive, inert gas, which does not damage machine parts.
    Other Options

    • Hollow Face Grinding Assembly (variable up to 50,000 RPM)
    • 7” Index Stroke Assembly (OEM option only)
    • 35" Maximum Blade Diameter Capacity (OEM only)
    • Strobe Saw Clamp Jaw Set (Beveled PVC)
    Blade Diameters: 100-800mm (4–32“) or 48" for AL1200
    Grinding Motor: 1 HP
    Maximum Blade Thickness: 10mm (.375 inch)
    Tooth Pitch: 6 to 130mm (5.1”) or 6" max. for AL1200
    Hook Angles: -15 to +40 degrees
    Grinding wheel Specs: 175mm(7”) face & 125mm(5”) top x 32mm
    Air Requirement: 6 Bar, 85 PSI
    Voltage: 220/440V, 3Ph, 60Hz
    Shipping Weight: 900kg (1980 lbs) 1400kg for AL1200