With complete blade processing in one set up (including chamfers) PNK-AC-CNC is the perfect machine for medium to large volume HSS cold saw sharpening shops or large tube and pipe plants that want to sharpen their own blades in house. 

"The ABM PMK is a tremendous amount of machine for the money."
-Owner, Saw Service Center, TX

Free programming of tooth shape option.

ABM PNK-AC-CNC HSS Cold Saw Grinding Machine

Standard Machine includes

  • BECKHOFF Control System
  • 4-Axes servo motor controlled
  • Ethernet port for remote programming and troubleshooting
  • Grinding all common tooth types to DIN standards in one cycle
  • Automatic chamfering
  • Blade thickness and tooth form input at the control panel
  • Automatic calculation of the tooth pitch
  • Absolute tooth pitch accuracy
  • Central lubrication system
  • Variable grinding and wheel rotation speed
  • Grinding head feeds on linear rails
  • Dual Nut Ball Screw for high precision
  • Manufacturing and resharpening using CBN or vitrified for tooth removal
  • High pressure coolant system for use with oil or water-based coolants
  • Laser system for automatic calculation of saw diameter and number of teeth
  • Automatic touch-off and tooth position sensing (eliminates need for operator skill. Simply load blade parameters, close door and hit cycle start)
  • Larger 56 gal coolant tank with magnetic filtration (for factories running oil coolant)
  • Chip breaker unit attachment (Br, Bs forms)
  • Cermet grinding software (Free profile programming for Flytek Raptor, Stahlte,etc)
  • Mist extraction system