Rekord 500 CNC

CNC grinding machine for metal cutting circular saw blades

For sharpening and manufacturing metal cutting saws, this CNC grinding machine using CBN grinding wheels and heavy flood coolant guarantees an outstanding quality finish on saws with a short cycle time. The machines use the latest computer technology to guide the operator through simple programmable menu-driven displays.

Product Details


Manufacture blade from blank in one pass. Strong and easy to operate.

For sharpening and manufacturing circular saws with straight, curved, or chamfered teeth. Slot and scallop grinding.

  • Quick adjustment for Chamfering of circular saw blade
  • Simple menu-driven programming with memory of complete program
  • Indication of cycle time remaining
  • Sharpening and manufacturing of circular saws with Straight, Curved, or Chamfered teeth, (Form A, B & C according To DIN 1840)
  • Free programming of hi-lo height difference up to 0.5mm
  • Free programming of clearance angle from 6 to 15°
  • Free programming of tooth depth + 20% of default value (.45 x pitch)
  • Variable Indexing speed (2 to 60 teeth/min)
  • Automatic centralized lubrication

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