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Lamello LK-3 (1 Gallon) Glue System with pistol
No. 502003 - $795.00
Lamello LK-5 (1.5 Gallon) Glue System with pistol
No. 502005 - $1,195.00
Lamello LK-10 (3 Gallon) Glue System with pistol
No. 502010 - $1,495.00
*These are for water soluble glue only. Contact a specialist for PU applications.

The Professional Glue Application System


  • Eliminate the mess and hassle of glue pots, bottles and brushes forever.
  • Ready for use anywhere, any time.
  • Pressurized tank allows unrestricted mobility
  • Minimal cleaning required
  • Application areas: Edges, surfaces, Lamello plate and dowel joining, dovetail, mortise and tenon joining, continuous grooves, etc.

    Technical Data LK-3 LK-5 LK-10
    Contents 3 kg. 5 kg. 10 kg.
    Weight 4.9 kg. 9.7 kg. 16.4 kg.




    Glue applicator made from stainless steel, non-drip glue pistol, manometer, 4 m. hose with plastic container used as interior tank, water container for easy cleaning of the pistol, all-purpose pointed nozzle, pump hose.
    Operating pressure between 5 and 2 bar.

Accessories:  LK Trolley


LK Trolley for LK 3 or LK5 on rollers with metal structure for hose and a service container.

Part #533204, call for more info or to order.

    Mobile Base: ideal for carpet floor workers

    Service-friendly glue pistol LK-0, quick change of nozzle thanks to the bayonet locking, glue quantity continuously adjustable at metering nut.

    glue nozzle

    A wide range of standard nozzles available from stock:

    Nozzle applications

    1. Adjustable nozzle
    2. Dowel nozzle
    3. U nozzle
    4. Surface roller
    5. Profile-edge nozzle
    6. Lamello nozzle
    7. Slot nozzle
    8. Roller nozzle

    Special Service: Custom nozzles manufactured to requirements.