Why Should I Spend More for a Lamello?

Simple. No other plate joiner offers the Top 21's combination of accuracy, reliability, safety and ease of use. Compare these features to any other plate joiner:

1. Right Angle Guide. The Lamello right angle guide moves on precision machined dovetail guide ways for perfect alignment at any setting. Other manufacturers offer die cast guideways or no guideways at all forcing you to make your own setup blocks. Can you afford to risk cuts that might not be parallel?

2. Thrust Washers and Heavy Duty Bearings on Spindle. The Lamello spindle has zero end play. This means that plate slots will always be the correct size and always at the correct height. Other manufacturer's spindles don't have thrust washers - and some manufacturers use bushings instead of real bearings. With these systems, end play can reach .020". This doesn't sound like much until you consider that biscuits are only designed to expand by .015". Can you afford to risk oversized cuts and weak joints?

3. Slip Clutch. The Top 21 features the exclusive Lamello slip clutch mechanism, which softens the shock to the geartrain when you switch on the powerful 1,050W motor. This means longer life for the hardened steel geartrain. More importantly, the slip clutch greatly reduces the possibility of kickbacks when cutting into end grain. No other manufacturer offers a slip clutch. Can you afford to risk kickbacks?

4. Inner Slides. Lamello's surface treated, high precision slide system makes up and down play almost too small to measure, even after thousands of hours of use. Other manufacturers offer sloppy inner slides often with as much as 0.20" up and down play right out of the box. Some manufacturers even equip their machines with soft plastic inner slides to get long life at the expense of precision. Plate joiners are supposed to provide accurate alignment between wood parts. Can you afford to buy a plate joiner that won't even provide accurate alignment?

5. Depth Adjuster. The Lamello's 6 position depth adjuster with increased maximum depth of 20 mm let's you use every special purpose plate on the market, including special face frame plates, extra large plates, KD fittings, etc. Most manufacturer's plate joiners will only allow you to use 3 basic sizes, unless you modify the machine (and probably void the warranty). You are buying a plate joiner to increase your flexibility as a woodworker. Can you afford to buy a plate joiner that limits your applications?

6. Comfort and Ergonomics. Only the Lamello Top 21 features an ergonomic grip design, to reduce hand fatigue and provide an accurate, sure grip regardless of whether you're cutting vertically, horizontally or on a bevel. The Lamello grip is so well designed and easy to use that many owners of other manufacturer's plate joiners have purchased the Lamello grip for their tools. Can you afford to lose time because of fatigue?

7. Unique Step Memory System. Height adjustable cutting tool. Scale +/- 2mm in steps of 0, 1 mm for exact center positioning of the groove. Can you afford to lose expensive materials because your application ability is limited?

8. Multipurpose Stop Square. Equipped with dovetail guidance and with grids of 1 mm for absolute parallel attachment on the front plate, or fixed to base plate for a large and safe working surface when using the machine in a vertical position. Can you afford to buy a biscuit joiner that only permits horizontal positioning?

9. Swiveling Front Stop with scale in degrees for mitre joints between 0-90 degrees with detends at angle position 22.5, 45, and 67.5 degrees. Can you afford to buy a biscuit joiner that requires two hands, perfect eyesight and good luck to set positioning angles?

10. Extra Flat Anti-slip Pads guarantee optimum adhesion against lateral displacement. Changing the cutter is fast and easy (less then 5 minutes) thanks to central locking system. Can you afford to buy a tool that requires 30 minutes or more to change cutters and dances all over your work surface?