Lamello Biscuit Joiners


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Cabineo is a time-saving, RTA cabinet connector that works without edge drilling and with very high clamping force.

The P System


P-System Advantages
Form-locking, tool-free installation of fittings

Lamello Zeta P2
The Zeta P2 machine is designed to handle our complete line of biscuits & elements including the new P-System.

Lamello Tenso P-14
An invisible, self-clamping connector that offers form-locking P-System anchorage in just seconds.

Clamex Connecting Fitting
A detachable joining system that offers form-locking P-System anchorage within seconds
Lamello Divario P-18
The new slide in shelf connector clamps and joins as it slides in for perfectly closed joints.

P-System CNC
The advantages of the P-System and its Clamex P-14, Tenso P-14 and Divario P-18 connectors are also being well received in CNC production.

The Lamello System


Lamello System Advantages
Efficient, simple and precise joining system for panels

Classic X
The low-priced machine for every workshop.

TOP 21
Original biscuit joiner.

Original Biscuits
As the U.S. agents for Steiner Lamello AG Switzerland, Colonial Saw Company, Inc. feels confident that genuine Lamello biscuits are unmatched by any other producer.

Lamello Clamex-S
Detachable connecting fitting suitable for any Lamello biscuit joiner

Lamello E20
Self-clamping element

Lamello K20
Plastic element with lateral clamping ridges

Lamello C20
Element for solid surfaces

Simplex Interlocking Plates
Lamello simplex is a detachable joining element with outstanding properties.

Specialty Machines


System Advantages - Repairing & Edge Processing
Quality that pays off in the short and long-term.

Cantex Ergo
The flush milling machine of the highest quality for flush milling solid wood edges.

G2A Minispot
Minispot grooving machine for cut out knots, resin pockets or damaged areas in sizes 2 and 8.

G20 S2 Minispot
Minispot grooving machine for milling out knots, resin pockets or damaged areas of all sizes up to 20 mm.

Minispot Patches
Minispot patches are available in the most common wood types.

Patchmaker 2
Patchmaker 2 is a stationary machine for producing your own size 2 Minispot patches.

Profila Pro Plus
Profila Pro plus is a pneumatically powered laminate trimmer.

Glue Systems


Glue System Advantages
Economical, always ready for use, freely expandable

Glue Applicators
The Professional glue application system eliminates the mess and hassle of glue pots, bottles and brushes forever.

Glue Pistols
Manual or pneumatically regulated glue flow duration.

Nozzles for edges, connections, grooves and surfaces
All glue nozzles are made from aluminum and feature an extremely hard-wearing anodized coating that offers excellent gliding properties.

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